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Dylan Noorel
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So anyways, I was bored so I wondered about Earth's creation. How was Earth created in six days based on all the religious beliefs and theories? It came to mind that the Days of the Week had to play a role in this or otherwise, their names and meanings would be meaningless. As we know the days of the week are named after the Roman/Greek or Norse Panthenon Gods based on ancient traditional astrological planets back then and their hours of rulership. These are the seven luminaries: Sun, Moon, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn. Anyways moving on, Eastern (Chinese and Japanese) tradition also name their days based on these planets: Sun, Moon, Mars-fire, Mercury-water, Jupiter-wood, Venus-metal/gold, Saturn-Earth. Then something came to mind that if the Earth was created in sequence according to stages, there must be a direct connection to these days of the week. Then I begin to make connections and BINGO!!! I can't help it, I just have to share my perspective. Remember, my perspective of the Six Days of Earth's creation has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with the Gods and their rulerships. As a reference I used the Eastern tradition:

Sunday (nichiyoubi)- The Solar System was just born. Clouds of dust, gas, and other particles surround our young Sun. Earth was formed in the SOLAR nebula from a condensed ball of cold molecular hydrogen. Therefore, in my perspective Sunday was the first stage of creation.

Moonday (getsuyoubi)- All the planets in the Solar System was still forming. However, GIANT IMPACT THEORY states that a Mars-sized planet (Theia) was in Earth's orbit and collided with Earth, sending chunks of material into orbit around Earth. The chunks of material then clumped together until it became a huge perfect moon. This became the second stage of creation.

Tuesday (kayoubi:FIRE)- The Earth was still HOT and MOLTEN but slowly hardened over time and developed a crust. Mountains formed. Volcanoes allowed heat, smoke, and vapor to escape. This became the third stage of creation.

Wednesday (suiyoubi:WATER)- From Tuesday, volcanoes continued to release various gasses (Carbon dioxide, Sulfur dioxide, Nitrogen, Hydrogen, Methane, and water vapor). This became Early Earth's atmosphere. Water vapor clumped together to form clouds of RAIN. Water slowly formed oceans overtime and carved out continents. This became the fourth stage of creation.

Thursday (mokuyoubi:WOOD or Tree day)- Water, sunlight, and Early Earth's atmosphere of CO2 and Nitrogen allowed for plant life, namely algae. Algae converted CO2 and water into Oxygen, which slowly dominated Earth's atmosphere overtime. Anaerobic organisms start to die out due to oxygen domination. Plant life dominated the lands and continents which converted ALOT of the CO2 into Oxygen. Nitrogen allowed for bacteria fixation. Soon the Earth's atmosphere became oxygen-rich. This became the fifth stage of creaion.

Friday (kinyoubi: METAL or Gold day)- With sunlight, air, water, weather, plants that produce food, a moon to control tides, the Earth is definitely habitable humans and animals like us. For evolutionists: Plant life and early aquatic organisms evolved and adapted to the land. For creationists: God created animals to add a finishing touch to the Earth in which they breathe oxygen. In Islamic perspective, the  Quran also states that Adam was created and descended to Earth on Friday and muslims celebrate Friday as a day of blessings-GOLD (hint hint), gatherings, love (Friday is associated with the goddess of love), and bounties. Most workers also get their paychecks on Friday. Almost EVERYONE get hyped up for Fridays. What else can I say? TGIF!! This is the sixth stage of creation according to my perspective.

Saturday (doyoubi: EARTH day)- EARTH IS COMPLETE!! According to some traditions, Saturday is sabbath day in which God rests and this is the seventh day. What's my perspective? Well Saturn is an Earth planet (yes) that rules an Earth sign Capricorn in astrology (yes) and Saturn is associated with time, restrictions, limitations, boundaries, and ENDINGS (correct?) and Saturn is also the LAST planet to be seen with the naked eye by ancient astronomers (BINGO!!!). Therefore since Saturn associates with all these things, it ENDS the WEEK off! Henceforth, Saturday is a WEEKEND!!

HURRAY!!! Now you understand MY PERSPECTIVE of why the Weekdays are named the way they are according to Creation! :D Cheers!!
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